Seismic instruments

Seismic Instruments is a peer-reviewed scientific journal founded in 1961.
Impact factor RSCI:1,095 (2020-2022)
ISSN, E-ISSN:0131-6230, 2312-6965
Translated version:Seismic Instruments
ISSN, E-ISSN:0747-9239, 1934-7871

Provides information exchange between different areas of research, geophysicists and engineers, research laboratories and industrial companies.

Theoretical and applied problems of the development of geophysical equipment, primarily for seismological research, are considered.

Specifications are given, methods of metrology and calibration of measuring channels, noise suppression and signal extraction, design, individual working blocks and equipment units are considered.

The equipment for geophysical monitoring of natural and technogenic processes is described, including those applied in search for precursors, and promoting development of methods for earthquake prediction:

  • seismometers;
  • digital seismic stations;
  • borehole and bottom seismic stations;
  • gravimeters;
  • magnetometers;
  • strain and tiltmeters;
  • seismic scales;
  • resistance variometers, etc.

A great share of publications is devoted to the subject of describing and interpreting the results of using various equipment in seismological studies, analyzing the quality of seismic observation networks and earthquake catalogs.

Editor-in-chief:  S. A. Tikhotskii, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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