Physics of the Solid Earth

The journal "Physics of the Solid Earth" introduces original scientific papers and scientific reviews on general and applied geophysics, includes the study of the earth's interior, founded in 1965.
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The journal Physics of the Solid Earth publishes the results of original theoretical and experimental research in the fields of physics of the Earth's interior and applied geophysics.

The journal publishes articles written by researchers of the Russian Academy of Sciences and scientific institutions of the Russian Federation.

Articles of foreign authors are also accepted for publication.

The subject of publications of the journal "Physics of the Solid Earth" coincides with the main activities of the Institute of Physics of the Earth. O.U. Schmidt RAS:

  • observational and experimental geophysics;
  • deep structure of the Earth and geodynamics;
  • physical and chemical properties of rocks;
  • interaction of geospheres, physical fields of the Earth;
  • modern geodynamics;
  • comparative planetology and early evolution of the Earth;
  • stress-strain state of the earth's crust;
  • seismicity, seismic zoning and seismic forecast;
  • natural and natural-technogenic disasters;
  • mathematical geophysics;
  • geoinformatics;
  • applied geophysics.

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