History of Earth sciences

"History of the Earth Sciences" is a new international scientific peer-reviewed journal covering a wide range of issues in the history of the Earth sciences - geophysics, geology, geochemistry, mining, geography, etc.

The journal is focused on cooperation between Russian and foreign scientists. The history of the development of the theoretical foundations of various areas of research and the practical application of scientific achievements in the conduct of survey work is considered.

Very much attention is paid to personalities, biographical memoirs of a wide profile are presented - from scientific biographies to epistolary heritage.

The magazine is illustrated with a large number of photographs, including those published for the first time.

A special section contains archival materials - old documents reflecting important stages in the history of the Earth sciences.

The main attention is paid to the history of Russian science, however, translations into Russian of articles on the history of geosciences in foreign countries, submitted to the journal by leading foreign experts in the field of knowledge under consideration, are also published.

Chief Editor: A.Ya. SIDORIN

e-mail: al_sidorin@hotmail.com

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