Problems of Engineering Seismology

Journal "Problems of Engineering Seismology" is an international scientific peer-reviewed journal, published since 1958.
Impact factor RSCI:1,491 (2020-2022)
ISSN, E-ISSN:0132-2826, 2311-9586
Translated version:Seismic Instruments
ISSN, E-ISSN:0747-9239, 1934-7871

The journal is focused on improving the efficiency of cooperation between seismologists, builders, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, managers and government officials at various levels.

The consequences and methods of protection against earthquakes, methods of ensuring the seismic safety of the population and territories are analyzed.

The methods and results of research and development in the following main areas are presented:

  • assessment and zoning of seismic hazard (OSR, DSR, SMR);
  • engineering and geological surveys at construction sites;
  • assessment and mitigation of the vulnerability of objects of various types;
  • seismic risk assessment and mitigation;
  • assessment and parameterization of seismic impacts;
  • earthquake source models;
  • seismic scales;
  • models of structure response to seismic impact;
  • ensuring the seismic resistance of structures;
  • economic aspects of seismic safety;
  • normative documents;
  • reviews of proceedings of scientific conferences.