Science and technological developments

The journal Science and Technological Developments is a peer-reviewed scientific journal founded in 1992.
Impact factor RSCI:1,207 (2020-2022)
ISSN, E-ISSN:2079-5165, 2410-7948
Translated version:Seismic Instruments
ISSN, E-ISSN:0747-9239, 1934-7871

The topics presented on the pages of the magazine are very diverse.

The material includes a wide range of issues in various areas of fundamental and applied science, development results and experience in introducing new domestic and foreign technologies, problems of education and organization of science, bibliometrics, cultural and educational issues and other aspects of modern society.


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The founders of the journal:

  • Closed Joint-Stock Company Research and Design Implementation Company “NGS-orgproektekonomika”
  • Establishment of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics of the Earth. O.Yu. Schmidt RAS (IPE RAS)

Chief Editor: Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences A.V. NIKOLAEV


Address for correspondence: Russia 123995 GSP-5, Moscow D-242, st. Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, d. 10. IPE RAS,



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