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Physics of the Solid Earth Physics of the Solid Earth is an international peer reviewed journal that publishes results of original theoretical and experimental research in relevant areas of the physics of the Earth's interior and applied geophysics. The journal welcomes manuscripts from all countries in the English or Russian language.
Geophysical research "Geophysical Research" is a periodical peer-reviewed scientific publication that publishes original articles, reviews, reports on scientific events and other scientific information on a wide range of issues in geophysics and related disciplines.
Problems of Engineering Seismology International scientific peer-reviewed journal, published since 1958. Focused on improving the efficiency of cooperation between seismologists, builders, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, managers and government officials at various levels. The consequences and methods of protection against earthquakes, methods of ensuring the seismic safety of the population and territories are analyzed. Translated into English.
History of Earth sciences A new international scientific peer-reviewed journal covering a wide range of issues in the history of the Earth sciences - geophysics, geology, geochemistry, mining, geography, etc., is focused on cooperation between Russian and foreign scientists.
Geophysicel processes and biosphere Международный научный рецензируемый журнал, основан в 2002 г. Представлена новая отрасль знаний, образовавшаяся на стыке геофизики, медицины и биологии и посвященная изучению влияния на биосферу различных природных и антропогенных процессов. Переводится на английский язык.
Seismic instruments Peer-reviewed scientific journal, founded in 1961. Provides information exchange between different areas of research, geophysicists and engineers, research laboratories and industrial companies. Theoretical and applied issues of the development of geophysical equipment, primarily for seismological research, are considered.
Science and technological developments Peer-reviewed scientific journal presenting a wide range of issues in fundamental and applied science.