Science and technological developments: article

A.A. Bobachev 1,2 A.V. Deshcherevskii 2 A.Ya. Sidorin 2
1 Lomonosov Moscow State University 2 Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences
Journal: Science and technological developments
Tome: 101
Number: 4
Year: 2022
Pages: 48-88
UDK: 550.837.311
DOI: 10.21455/std2022.4-4
Keywords: geoelectric monitoring, precision soundings, VES, data inversion error, seasonal variations, flicker noise
Аnnotation: Previously, the authors carried out a unique experiment on long-term continuous precision monitoring of crus-tal resistivity variations in a highly seismic region. The result of this experiment can be considered as a VES profile of a special type, in which, instead of a linear coordinate, the sounding date changes from picket to picket. When processing precision monitoring data, it is necessary to solve the VES inverse problem with the highest possible accuracy. Standard programs for inversion of VES curves do not allow this, and even with very small selection residuals, the actual error in reconstructing the resistivity can be huge due to equivalence effects. The authors have previously developed a special method for regularizing the residual functional, which provides a multiple increase in the accuracy of solving the inverse problem for the considered type of resistivi-ty section, and a method for obtaining realistic, rather than underestimated estimates of the solution error. To do this, a package of synthetic resistivity profiles is formed that imitates a real section, the VES direct problem is solved, and time series of apparent resistivity are built, on which noise similar to real noise is superimposed. After that, the VES inverse problem is solved and the reconstruction errors of the model resistivity curves are analyzed. Such calculations were carried out both for the total signals and for their components, obtained as a result of the decomposition of apparent resistivity series into physically determined components. The devel-oped approach makes it possible to solve the VES inverse problem with previously unattainable accuracy. We emphasize that a reliable estimate of the solution errors is provided not by the convergence criteria of the in-version algorithm (they are almost always overly optimistic), but by direct calculations of the direct and in-verse problems for synthetic profiles similar to real signals. In the present work, the profile of the experimental VES curves obtained in the course of this experi-ment is inverted. Series of resistivity variations are calculated in four layers of a geoelectric section with a du-ration of more than 12 years. It has been established that the upper layer of the section is characterized by trend and seasonal changes in resistivity with a large amplitude. Significant anomalous seasonal effects were found in the second layer of the section. For the third layer of the section, the presence of seasonal effects of small amplitude was established, while there are no significant resistivity trends. Variations in the resistivity of the fourth layer of the section are estimated less reliably; to detect the effects of external factors on electrical re-sistivity, it is necessary to use methods based on signal stacking.
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