Science and technological developments: article

A.N. Shevtsov A.E. Hannibal T.G. Korotkova A.A. Skorokhodov
Geological Institute of the Federal Research Center “Kola Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences”
Journal: Science and technological developments
Tome: 101
Number: 1
Year: 2022
Pages: 36-50
UDK: 550.837.61+550.837.63+550.837.211
DOI: 10.21455/std2022.1-3
Keywords: conductivity, frequency sounding, CSAMT, FFT, impedance, apparent resistivity, static shift
Аnnotation: At the stages of the FENICS experiment, conducted in 2014 and 2019, unique data of deep electromagnetic sounding of grounded sections of industrial power lines were obtained at distances from 180 to 940 km from the center of the supply line to the measuring installation. The components of the electromagnetic field were recorded by measuring equipment VMTU-10 (VEGA LLC, St. Petersburg). In this case, current fluctuations in the sup-ply line were recorded as a time series with a sampling frequency of 1 kHz. Based on the synchronous time series of the field components at the observation points and the current strength in the supply vibrator, estimates of the power spectra of the autocorrelation and cross-correlation functions of the recorded values were calculated based on the fast Fourier transform (FFT). The resulting spectral characteristics were used to determine the amplitudes of the source field components and the phase shifts between them, as well as to estimate the components of the impedance tensor. To do this, correction factors were calculated for the ratio of the apparent resistivity values for the horizontal component of the magnetic field to the apparent resistivity values for the impedance and electric field. A two-dimensional interpretation is performed and estimates of the distribution of resistivity in depth are obtained for two profiles of the submeridional and sublatitudinal directions of the Karelian-Kola region
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