Seismic instruments: article

Redefining the parameters of the initial seismological data as an important link in the study of the spatial characteristics of seismic activity (for example, the earthquake of September 10, 2019,
1 A. Nazarov Institute of Geophysics and Engineering Seismology of NAS RA
2 Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences
3 M. Nalbandian Shirak State University
Journal: Seismic instruments
Tome: 56
Number: 4
Year: 2020
Pages: 43-56
UDK: 550.34
DOI: 10.21455/si2020.4-3
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Keywords: earthquake parameters, redefinition of parameters, earthquake in Armenia, Hypo_Bur software, refinement of epicenter coordinates, focal mechanism
Аnnotation: When conducting seismological studies, source data from various databases of international seismological services are often used. The determination of the coordinates of earthquake hypocenters by different seismological services gives different results, which is associated with different observing systems, processing methods and high-speed models. This circumstance can significantly affect the overall picture of the seismic process under study. In this regard, to identify the most preferable result, the accuracy of the initial data and the coordinates of the hypocenters of various interpretations were evaluated. Based on the data of international seismological services, the article clarifies the parameters of a tectonic earthquake recorded in the northern part of the Republic of Armenia on September 10, 2019 with a magnitude of M =4.7, and its aftershocks, as well as redefining the coordinates of hypocenters using the Hypo_Bur program. Due to the high accuracy of redefining the hypocenters of the main shock and aftershocks (the error in determining the coordinates of the hypocenters is in the range 0.1-2.4 km), the local nature of the seismic-generating zone is revealed. As a result of the redefinition, the initial epicenter of the main shock was shifted 28 km to the northwest, and the overall picture of the spatial distribution of aftershocks became more grouped. Mechanisms of the earthquake center of 10.09.2019 and its aftershocks were also constructed. A similar character of the kinematics of the Chaldyran-Viraayotsky fault and the obtained values of the main nodal plane of the earthquake source mechanism is shown.