Seismic instruments: article

Piezoelectric rotational accelerometers
V. Fremd
Consulting Company, Calgary, Canada
Journal: Seismic instruments
Tome: 53
Number: 3
Year: 2017
Pages: 87-96
UDK: 53.084
DOI: 10.21455/si2017.3-7.
Keywords: piezoelectric transducer, rotational seismometer, strong motion, parameters of rotational seismic vibrations, piezoelectric accelerometer
Аnnotation: The possibility of creating a piezoelectric seismometer for recording angular accelerations during rotary motions of soil and structures is substantiated. Two piezoelectric transducers with a common inertial mass are used in a single-component instrument. The accelerometer is based on the principle of compensation of electrical signals of opposite polarities from the linear motion when adding the signals proportional to the rotation of the same sensors. The foundations of the theory and design elements of rotational piezoelectric accelerometers are considered. The advantages of the instruments are emphasized when they are used in the near-field zones of strong earthquakes.