Science and technological developments: article

Development of innovative methodological support for marine gravimetric surveys
V. Koneshov
L. Zheleznyak
V. Soloviev
P. Mikhailov
Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Journal: Science and technological developments
Tome: 96
Number: 4
Year: 2017
Pages: 3-18
UDK: 550.831
DOI: 10.21455/std2017.4-1
Keywords: Earth’s gravitational field, marine gravimetry, modern global models of the Earth’s gravitational field, oceanic tide
Аnnotation: The main achievements of the authors in the field of development of innovative methodological support for marine gravimetric surveys are presented. The authors actively participated in the development of gravimeters and created several generations of gravimetric equipment in cooperation with other organizations. The main characteristics and results of laboratory and marine tests of mobile gravimetric complexes “CHEKAN-AM” and “SHELF” are briefly considered. These complexes were successfully operated in severe arctic conditions, including during the first high-precision marine gravimetric survey in the region of the North Pole of the Earth. The methodological support and results of the use of modern models of the Earth’s gravitational field and the integration of data from various means of determining gravity in the interests of marine gravity are described. The increase in the accuracy and resolution of Earth’s gravitational field models leads to their use beyond the solution of only fundamental problems. In most areas of the World Ocean, the model field can be used as a reference field when performing a direct marine gravimetric survey. Innovative developments have increased the reliability and accuracy of marine surveys primarily due to the control and correction of systematic errors arising in marine measurements. They make it possible to shoot at sea ranges with an error of 0.5 mGal or less, expand the planning capabilities of the survey network, increase the reliability of long-term route surveys, reduce the time of reference measurements, to perform marine gravimetric survey without reference to shore support points and with one marine gravimeter on board without loss of reliability of measurements. An innovative method of accounting for the ocean tide with application of loading models of the ocean gravitational effect was developed according to the program ATLANTIDA3.1_2014. Experiments have shown that with this way it is possible to reduce the random errors by more than 20%. Based on the results of the research, ready-made innovative and promising methods for measuring the parameters of the Earth’s gravitational field on the surface of the waters of the World Ocean have been developed.