Science and technological developments: article

A.V. Chugaev 1 I.A. Sanfirov 1 A.I. Kuznetsov 1 R.A. Bogdanov 2
1 Mining Institute of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences 2 PJSC “Uralkali”
Journal: Science and technological developments
Tome: 102
Number: 4
Year: 2023
Pages: 50-63
UDK: 550.834.08
DOI: 10.21455/std2023.4-3
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Keywords: distributed acoustic sensors, Verkhnekamskoye field, seismic exploration, seismoacoustics, cross-well seeismic, geomechanical monitoring, subsidence of the earth's surface
Аnnotation: At the Verkhnekamskoe salt deposit, a monitoring system for the emergency area has been implemented, including a distributed acoustic sensing with a 6 km optical line and an active borehole source of elastic vibrations. Monitoring is performed using cross-well seismic survey. The use of a special cable containing straight and spiral fiber makes it possible to record both direct and refracted waves. Based on a comparison of wave fields, areas of change in the elastic properties of the massif are localized and a quantitative assessment of such changes is given. The use of a large number of simultaneously recording channels makes it possible to achieve the required spatial resolution depending on the task. The low cost of fiber optic cable makes it possible to design its permanent installation in emergency areas with limited access. The proposed monitoring system can be used both to monitor the safety of the developed massif in problem areas, and to monitor the foundations of critical build-ings and structures located in zones of accelerated subsidence of the undermined territory.
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