Science and technological developments: article

S.A. Imashev A.K. Rybin
Research Station of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Journal: Science and technological developments
Tome: 102
Number: 2-3
Year: 2023
Pages: 63–88
UDK: 550.348; 550.37+550.379
DOI: 10.21455/std2023.2-3-3
Full text
Keywords: electrical action, seismic noise, geoacoustic noise, seismic-electrical effect, electric prospecting generator unit
Аnnotation: Study of response of the geoenvironment in seismic and geoacoustic fields during electromagnetic sensing of the Earth’s crust using high energy current pulses is presented. Such sensing has been regularly carried out at the Research Station of the Russian Academy of Sciences at the territory of the Bishkek geodynamic proving ground since the 1980s. At the first stage, sensing currents were formed using a magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) generator, and since 1993 up to the present times, ERGU-600 electrical prospecting generator set has been used for these purposes. The registered responses of the geoenvironment in the seismic and geoacoustic fields recorded synchronously with the sensing current pulses and changed their shape depending on the sensing mode (sensing with bipolar and monopolar pulses). Features of the detected seismic and geoacoustic responses reflect the contribution of various electromagnetic effects occurring in the conductive geoenvironment to the resulting recorded signal.
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