Geophysical research: article

V.S. Zhukov Y.O. Kuzmin
Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences
Journal: Geophysical research
Tome: 24
Number: 4
Year: 2023
Pages: 5-27
UDK: 552.12: 620.17
DOI: 10.21455/gr2023.4-1
Full text
Keywords: porosity structure, compressive strength, nature of deformation, preparation of fracturing, reservoir conditions, fracture components of the porosity
Аnnotation: The paper deals with the results of experimental studies of changes in the porosity structure of sandstone samples in the process of preparing for fracturing under conditions simulating reservoir ones. The studied samples were divided according to the type of deformation (brittle, elastic-plastic and dilatancy) and fracture with an in-crease in additional axial compression. It has been established that changes in the total porosity and its inter-granular component in the process of increasing axial compression have a nature close to the nature of changes in volumetric deformation. The parameters of specific changes in fracture and intergranular porosity, which are genetically related to the relative volumetric deformations of fractures and intergranular pores, are introduced. Separate analysis of the fracture and intergranular porosity components made it possible to reveal that the de-formation processes occurring in the studied samples with increasing load and the transition from elastic to destructive deformations are accompanied both by rock compaction due to the decrease in the volume of frac-tures and intergranular pores and its increase just before the destruction of the samples. This is caused by newly formed microfractures, as the identified changes in intergranular porosity are minimal. Changes in the fracture porosity during the transition from elastic (linear) deformation to inelastic nature are characterized by alterning changes with a general tendency to increase its value. It has been revealed that the intergranular and fracture components of the porosity of samples react in different ways to changes in the stress state. It is shown that the fracture porosity of samples has a determining influence on the nature of deformation and preparation of destruction of sandstone samples. The obtained results can be used to optimize the development of hydrocarbon deposits and, in particular, for estimation of their negative deformation consequences.
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