Geophysical research: article

Methods of geomechanics and tectonophysics in solving the problems of stability of oil wells during drilling
A. Garavand1
Y. Rebetsky2
1 Gubkin Russian State University of Oil&Gas, Moscow, Russia 2 Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Journal: Geophysical research
Tome: 19
Number: 1
Year: 2018
Pages: 55-76
UDK: 551.21.3
DOI: 10.21455/gr2018.1-5
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Keywords: well stability, shear strength, coulomb stresses
Аnnotation: The classical problem of the stability of oil wells is considered using the linear elastic theory. The analysis of the reasons, why the standard approach of determination the drilling fluid pressure to the underlying layers does not guarantee the stability of the borehole wall. It is shown that the presence of the fractures of various origins in the formation could lead to the possibility of local borehole collapse into the well. It was proposed to construct the algorithm of calculation using a model of the environment allowing the presence of differently oriented cracks and defects strength of different genesis. The selected criteria not only show the section of shear failures on borehole walls, but also tear-off violations on the basis of the form of the stress tensor.